Sex Education Classes And High School Essays

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Growing up I had to take sex education courses in elementary and high school. Most of what I remember involved the laughs and snickers of children when the words sex, or STD were mentioned. Although these topics seemed funny, I remember how these classes sparked a lot of curiosity in myself and my peers. Imagine a sixth grader expressing some curiosity in becoming sexually active because of new things they learned. At the time it seemed inappropriate, or as a child would say “bad”, and it is still considered inappropriate to this day. Fast-forwarding in time, I was in high school. I found myself, once again, in another sex education class. Most of everything that was taught was just a refresher from what I had learned in elementary school. It was the same curriculum and the same material, but there were two major differences present. For one, most people were not laughing or cracking jokes about the topics or vocabulary used in this class, and there was a large number of students who had already become sexually active. A study shows that “46 percent of all high school age students, and 62 percent of high school seniors, have had sexual intercourse” (Advocates for Youth). It is also said that “39 percent of all sexually active U.S. high school students did not use a contraceptive at last intercourse” (Advocates for Youth). These percentages are very high, and a scary reality for not only young people, but parents also. These are just statistics solely about being sexually…

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