Sex Education And The Educational System Essay examples

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Sex Education and Queerness Since its introduction into the educational system, sex education has always been a topic of debate. What should be taught? When? By whom? Parents, schools, and the government have frequently been at odds with each other, disagreeing on what information is appropriate for what students, and when. Religious and cultural values have become a part of the conversation, as well as scientific studies looking at what sorts of curricula are effective and the effects on students. Amidst all of this debate and conflict, LGBTQ+ students’ needs have not always been centered. Historically, there has always been a lack of acknowledgement of what these students need, or even their existence at all. As a result, LGBTQ+ students’ needs are not being met by sex education programs, and their health is being affected by this educational bias. In this paper, I will provide some background on sex education, particularly for queer students, and then outline the emotional, physical or medical, and interpersonal impacts of the lack of queer-friendly sex education on these students. I will argue that the absence of sex education that acknowledges and respects the identities of queer students negatively impacts not only their mental and physical health, but also the way they interact with peers, partners, and communities, and conversely that a positive experience with sexual education could counteract these effects. In this paper, I will be using a multitude of…

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