Essay on Sex Education And Gay Rights

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If you were to look at sex education compared to that of a decade ago, I could reassure you that there is so much that we have learned. Covering topics such as sexual education and gay rights are not things your mother learned about in her sex education class. However, a lot of these topics are relevant today especially with laws being passed, supporting topics like, sex education and gay rights. In the film, The Education of Shelby Knox, we can see how generations pass have an effect on today’s youth and their sex education class. In the film, The Education of Shelby Knox, gay rights, abstinence until marriage, teen pregnancy, and safe sex are all issues discussed. From this we understand that there is a vast range of topics deliberated when talking about sexual education. However, in the film, the topic of sex education is not covered because it is viewed as something negative and inappropriate. In the conservative town of Lubbock, Texas, the rates for teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are high. There is no one to teach safe sex to teens so that they learn information on the topic. There are two viewpoints that many of the residents have, the abstinence-only approach says that teaching about sex only encourages teen to experiment with sex. Opposing forces say that withholding information can only lead to unplanned pregnancies and diseases, but this is the minority. It sparked a debate on whether the government or states should allow sex education within the…

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