Essay on Sex, By Junot Diaz, A Satirical Manual For Teenage Boys

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Sex Does Not Equate to a Relationship How to Date a Brown Girl, Black Girl, White Girl, or Halfie (HDBG), by Junot Diaz is a satirical manual for teenage boys that advises how to behave around girls based on their ethnicity and the stereotypes that go along with it in order to successfully seduce them. Diaz uses the second person and an instructional tone to write HDBG to portray his experience and authority in dating girls of other ethnicities. The narrator, Yunior, creates his facade by hiding items in his home, such as, government cheese and old family photos to conceal his cultural background and current socio-economic status. Yunior even adjusts his mannerisms to seem more presentable to the girls and their parents. Yunior’s guide goes over what to do before, during, and after the date to ensure success with the girl. Diaz’s generalized instructional manual to dating girls of different ethnicities conveys that Yunior views girls as sexual objects and views everything with a sexual overtone because his dating guide does not explain how to create relationships with girls– it teaches how to manipulate girls into doing sexual acts. Yunior’s views on sex contradicts the girls’ individual views on sex that have little to nothing to do with their ethnicity and their parents’ naivety in regards to their daughters having sex.
Yunior sexualizes girls throughout HDBG and appears to only care about “scoring” by the end of the date. After Yunior and his date return to his apartment…

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