Sex Appeal In Advertising Essay

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According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, advertise means to call public attention by emphasizing desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize. Many companies use advertisements in order to connect with possible consumers, and they are usually rather persuasive. Ads use some form of appeal in order to peak the viewer’s wants, needs, or interest. The top five appeals used by advertisers are fear, humor, rational, sex, and bandwagon. Many would say that the most commonly used appeal is sex. This is what made The Girl so popular. She not only attracted people because of her physical sex appeal, but the sense of longing within her hypnotic bedroom eyes also lured buyers to the product she was advertising. The Girl in “The …show more content…
Winbush, the author of an article entitled “Top Five Appeals that Advertisers Use to Sell a Product”, stated that “sex appeals capture attention, but seldom promote product consumption. Effective sex appeal ads convey a specific message to the target demographic group. Beer advertisers often use sex appeal to promote their product to men (1).” For example, Papa Munsch, the owner of the Munsch Brewery, was in search of the perfect candidate to portray the “Munsch Girl”; he saw something within The Girl that made her the ideal contender. One can only guess as to what The Girl possessed that hooked Papa Munsch. The possibilities are endless; they could include her physical attributes or maybe even a mesmerizing trance caused by looking into her euphoric eyes. According to Winbush, “the typical beer commercial scene involves several young, average-looking men in a bar. The men purchase the beer and gain the attention of an attractive young woman. Overly overt images subtract from the overall message the advertiser wants to convey (1).” Papa Munsch felt that The Girl owned the necessities that would cause every man who saw the commercial to swoon and fall in love with her, and in turn, they would love his beer and be more likely to purchase it because it was connected to

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