Sex And Sex Education Class Essay

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Growing up my parents never discusses the topic of sex with my siblings and I.I remember bringing home a permission form to be signed to take part in sex education class. My parents were against me part-taking in the class, so I took the paper and pretend to trash it and sign my parents’ signature. I was only interesting in being a part of the class only because I knew my friends were going to be there and I did not want to be “the outsider”. During the sex education class I remember watching different videos about safe sex and unsafe sex. Deep inside I knew I didn’t know anything about sex or even thought about that word until that day. After that day I walked home knew that I had no knowledge about human sexuality. Of course I never told my parents I took the sex education class, one less punishment to avoid.
By the time I was in my early teens my body began changing. At one point I would started to have weird feelings. I would distract myself by focusing on school. I wasn’t interested about having sex or finding sexual pleasure either. My boobs used to get a very tickle sensation and I told my self they were growing because that was the only logical explanation I could think of. After awhile I got used to ignoring it that I never felt it again. I remember when my friends use to talk about sex I was about now 14 or 15 years old and they were all sexually active. I didn’t feel pleasure to have sex because I was never interest in that or at least I knew I didn’t want…

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