Seven Most Magnificent Engineering Achievements Essay

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Seven Most Magnificent Engineering Achievements in The World Throughout history mankind has accomplished a great amount of things. Some more important than others, yet every accomplishment is amazing to the person who took part in the accomplishment. One might find it difficult to put together a list of their top seven most magnificent engineering achievements due to the fact that their cannot be one defined list. One accomplishment may mean more to one person than it does to another. Using that judgement, I have came up with my own seven magnificent engineering accomplishments in the world, in order of how magnificent I find them, going from seven to one(best). The lightbulb, they are everywhere in our world, cheap, efficient and brighten up any area which is deemed to dark. Contrary to what past history classes have taught, Thomas Edison is not the original creator of light. The original light was invented by a man who goes by the name of Humphry Davy in the year 1802. Yet Davy’s light consisted of “wires connected to his battery and a piece of carbon, the carbon glowed”(1), which was later called the arc lamp, due to how the carbo glowed from the electrical current flowing through it from the battery. Now on to the light bulb made famous by Thomas Edison, in the year 1879. Edison used the arc concept presented by Davy and experimented with various materials until he came up with the light bulb we are accustomed to today, which consisted of “a carbon filament or strip…

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