Essay on Setting Up Customers With Online Profiles

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Setting up customers with online profiles was a nessacery step in allowing the customer to continue to interact with Office Depot products and sales even if we are not on site. When a customer becomes an Office Depot Rewards Member he or she is given a username and a passcode that is a unique identifier and allows them to receive discounts like ten percent back on all ink and paper purchases as well as keeps track of all your account activity like past purchase receipts and gift cards. By placing the order online, it will ship from our warehouse and be to the customer’s front door in one to three days in most cases, making their online shopping experience with Office Depot a hassle free one.
Maintaining good communication between visits means “The evoking of a shared or common meaning in another person” (Nelson,). gives you sense of what the need is at that present point in time. After the initial site visit, we had sold our customers printers as well as helped them install them. Interpersonal communication was used effectively in order to build a sustainable human relationship with our customers. We informed them about cost saving programs like Insta Ink and provided a Free P.C. tune up that checks for any virus or malware that may be infecting the machine, as well as improves performance of the P.C. By staying in contact with Capital City Retirement Center, I was able to gage what preparations would need to be made in order to meet the customers need every time we…

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