Setting Of A Fire By Jack London Essay

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Setting is an important concept in any work of literature, but plays a prevailing role in “To Build a Fire” by Jack London. This short story is set on a trail in the Yukon where the man, against the locals’ advice, ventures into sub-freezing temperatures with a dog as his only companion. The time portrayed in the story is important to the setting because it was before modern technology, such as cell phones, so the man could not simply call for help. He had to continue to fight nature, the cold, and the snow throughout the story to survive. There are many other aspects of setting that are important in this short story, but these four features play key roles in his inability to light the fire that could have saved his life.
One of the most important parts of setting in “To Build a Fire” is nature, which is shown in many ways such as the stream he falls into, the disadvantage humans have for the cold, and the empty expanse of the Yukon. Nature is very unforgiving and treats everybody fairly regardless if they are man, woman, child, or animal, and this is shown throughout the story. Falling into the stream was one of the huge mistakes made by the man. He said multiple times how he knew that falling in would result in possible death if a fire could not be started in time. The man succeeded in making a fire after falling into the stream, but in his haste, he forgot that there was snow on top of the tree in which he built his fire under. This haste would later kill the man because…

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