An Analysis Of Keats She Walks In Beauty

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Poetry is a creative way of expressing one’s self to the public. It is one of the most effective tools that people use to point out wrongs in society and reward the right virtues. Apart from developing the plot in a poem, the setting of the poem has much information that it adds to the general understanding of the poem. First, it helps in developing the theme in the poem. Poets think deeply about the themes that they would wish to present to their readers before starting to write. As they plan for the poem, the use of appropriate setting also aids in bringing out the theme clearly.
Keats’ poems will remain the world’s powerful literature work that focuses on romance, a topic that many poets avoid like plague. His techniques in writing the poems
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The imagery that the poet uses in the poem captures the attention of the readers and clearly gives the impression that the poem’s setting is at night, with the skies clear without clouds. This setting has lots of symbolisms that the poet intends to pass to the readers. First, the poet praises the beauty of this girl that walks in beauty and directly compares the walking to the night. This may symbolize the fact that he only knows of her beauty, but still uncertain of other traits that the girl may possess. The setting of the night with cloudless skies is also vital in developing the theme of love. Love grows where two people are without any disturbances. More often than not, lovers have always found a way out at night, just to gaze at the skies lazily, without thinking of anything else, but their love. This setting is prudent in bringing out the aspect of romance in the …show more content…
It is also a way of communicating to society about issues that society faces. Therefore, it requires time investment and careful use of words that focus on the main themes of the poem. Also, poets should understand the fact that the setting of the poem plays a vital role in developing the themes of the poem. At times, the poet may many words to explain the themes, but simply use the appropriate settings to pass the message. For instance, when one wants to develop the theme of love and relationship, they are likely to use secluded places such as islands, river banks and parks. These settings give the characters the peace they need to discuss their love stories.
Also, the theme of religion may come out clearly if the poet chooses a church setting to write the poem. Similarly, in the poem "When I have Fear,"&"The eve of St. Agnes", the poet used a castle as the setting for the poem. This helped develop the theme of love and romance in his poem. The castle is a symbol of power and is not easy for ordinary people to access it, unless one is invited. This was not the case with Porphyro, who sneaks in uninvited.
In the poem, “She Walks in Beauty”, the poet sets the scene to be at night. The night symbolizes uncertainty in life, especially in love life. It may also symbolize the bad side of beauty that it changes from time to

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