Personal Reflection On Disrespectful Relationship

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The hardest thing about this session was that the client was a classmate. When she was sharing information about her family and her relationship I wanted her to feel that it was a safe environment, but I understood how hard that would be while knowing our class would view the session. She was open and honest and I was grateful for that but I feel that she had more to share about the situation. I felt that it was hard being 23 with overbearing parents but you can see her love for her parents as she talks. From the examples giving during the session I didn’t view any disrespectful behavior which tells me that she respects her parents.
I could tell that this situation was uncomfortable and I could relate to her situation so I had to remind myself
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I was more worried about if I use certain techniques and if it was effective. Over the duration of the course I became more relax about supervision. I started to see it as a time of learning and a place where I can make mistakes. After reviewing everyone’s session analysis, I became familiar with the mistakes I created. Simple mistakes became a theme for the class. I realized I was not the only one trying to help the client solve their problems in one session. This may be due to the nature of the assignment or our eagerness to help. I quickly learned that some things need to be explored more …show more content…
because I employed a technique with little inconsistency. During the session I asked question with intentionality and anticipated an outcome. When asking the client about her goals, techniques and solutions I did this to gather information about her wants and strengths. I understood that some information may be difficult for the client to share during the early stages of the client- counselor relationship.
I believe I did a good job at initiating and structuring the relationship by being welcoming and attentive. The point of this session was to prepare my client to have a difficult conversation with her mother. I think this was achieved through the exploration of possible outcomes therefore I believe I met the standard for the performance standard D.1.
I was culturally responsive during the session with my client which exceeds the standard for the performance standard D.5. I noticed that her culture is defined by her father’s profession. He is a dairy farmer and that has a impact on her family dynamic. Being aware of the differences because of her family make up, allowed me to respect the difficulties she was going through with her

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