Serving Life For Surviving Abuse Essay

1239 Words Oct 6th, 2016 5 Pages
In Jessica Pishko’s essay, “Serving Life for Surviving Abuse,” she writes about the unfortunate event that happened to Kelly Savage. Pishko focuses on why Kelly got the outcome that she did and what it means for other women. Even though this essay is written in just five short pages, it really serves as an example to show what happens to those who were victims of abuse and how the court systems handle it. Pishko thoroughly explains Kelly’s story, includes eye opening facts about women in prison, and has changed many people’s perspectives towards domestic violence. Hopefully, those who were psychically, emotionally, and sexually abused in the past will be able to seek help whether they ended up in prison or not. Beginning at just age four, Kelly was first introduced to sexual abuse. She was repeatedly raped and assaulted by her family members for many years until she decided to run away from home at fifteen. Kelly married two times, and both husbands brought back the familiarities of abuse to her. Her first husband, Michael Alvarado, beat her, raped her, and threatened to shoot her. Her second husband, Mark, had a habit of throwing her around and choking her. She has two children with him, a boy named Justin and a girl named Krystal. Hoping to escape this abusive relationship for the sake of her and her children, she contacted a battered-women’s organization on how to leave her husband. They told her to “act as normal as possible” which is a common approach given to women…

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