Service Request SR-rm-022 paper part 1

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Introduction Hugh McCaughley, Chief Operations Officer of Riordan Manufacturing has requested a new system for the Human Resources department of their company which would be implemented and utilized at three plant locations and the company headquarters. To build the new human resources system properly, information must be collected from various areas of Riordan Manufacturing, and the information will be collected in a variety of ways. This information must then be used to determine such items as scope of the project which can allow for feasibility studies to ensure the system should be implemented,
Stakeholders and sources of information The first order of business for information collecting would be to identify the stakeholders for
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136-137). A JAD session, when structured and lead properly to achieve its informational goal, is one of the best and most useful tools for collecting information available in modern system design.
Project Scope
The project scope is the entire layout of the project and definitions of the functions. The scope includes the entire project broken into pieces, allowing for better understanding of each part of the systems functions and processes. After the information collecting through interviews, systems analysis, and JAD sessions have been completed, the full scope of the project can begin to be realized and put together. Throughout the design, development and implementation of the new system, the scope will change as new needs and conflicts are discovered. The ever changing scope of a project can be challenging and frustrating as described by Turbit (2005): “Anyone who has ever done a project will have tales of how scope changes caused grief. Scope is bound to change, and this is to be expected. As the detail becomes clearer, more complications creep in. These are not foreseeable at the start and hopefully we build in a contingency for what we cannot see.”
Project Feasibility During the analysis phase of the project, a feasibility study will be conducted to determine if the new system is appropriate for business use. During this study, we will determine certain technical feasibility requirements

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