Essay about Service Recovery : Mistakes And Failures

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Service Recovery

Mistakes and failures require the need for service recovery. According to Van Vaerenbergh, De Keyser and Lariviere (2014), a service recovery occurs as a means to patch things up after a service failure. However, patching things up is just an attempt to a normal recovery action to rectify the situation. An effective recovery is needed where customers ' expectations are met or exceeded. Ignoring and failing to recover can lead to negative outcomes such as losing customers, negative word of mouth, and decreased profits. Research studies suggest that highly effective service recovery steps can even produce a ‘‘service recovery paradox ' ' whereby customers experiencing a service failure perceive a higher level of post-recovery satisfaction than those who has never experienced a service failure encounter at all (Hudson, n.d.) In other words, a customer may give more attention toward an organization that has succeeded in salvaging something that goes wrong as opposed to when nothing has gone wrong at all in the first place. Here, a service failure provides an opportunity for the companies to provide a recovery that could not only earn back customers satisfaction, but also to make them delighted as reactions towards service recovery commonly involve frontline service employees. Again, the importance of frontline service employee 's role in managing negative service encounters from customers is crucial.

However, employees ' unwillingness or inability to react…

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