Service Paper : The Service

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Service Paper
First of all the full service dining restaurant I choose to dine at was Olive Garden in Holly Springs with my family. When we ate dinner there it was a Friday night around seven pm it was pretty busy when we walked in and there were people sitting inside and outside waiting for their names to be called. The service started out great; there were three hostesses standing behind the host counter and they were all wearing black shirts and pants as their uniforms. They all had smiles on their faces and waited patiently to greet who ever walked through the doors. Each host made eye contact and welcomed us as we walked up by saying “welcome to Olive Garden how are you all this evening?” Then the host proceeded to ask “how many people would be dining in this evening.” I told her the amount of people and she wrote down the information and handed me a pager. After that, she said “it will be about an hour wait and when your table is ready the pager will light up and vibrate, just bring the pager back up here when it goes off and we will bring you to your table.” Before I walked off I asked if they took reservations and she said no they did, not that it was first come first serve. I thought it was very interesting that they did not take reservations. As we waited one of the host came up to us and told us that we were more than welcome to walk over to the bar and get a drink if we wanted too, and she could bring a drink over to my little girl; which I thought was very…

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