Service Marketing Essay

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International Journal of Marketing Studies

Vol. 2, No. 2; November 2010

Impact of Service Orientation on Frontline Employee Service Performance and Consumer Response
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This service orientation, the relationship and strategy between the company and the customer, is arguably the most important area for a business to study. Over the last decade, it has become crucial for businesses to fundamentally understand and satisfy consumer needs in order to succeed in a highly competitive market environment (Keillor, Parker and Pettijohn, 1999). These new considerations, while extended in scope, clarify several points about service orientation. As a result, its antecedents and consequences have been widely studied (Homburg, Hoyer, and Fassnacht, 2002; Kelley, 1992; Lytle and Timmerman, 2006; Marinova, Ye and Singh, 2008). The impact of service orientation may be viewed as a roadblock that businesses must navigate in order to reduce negative effects generated from interaction with consumers. A vast majority of the attention paid to the consequences of service orientation has concentrated on its relationship with business performance (Homburg et al., 2002; Lytle, et al., 1998; Lytle, Lynn, and Bobek, 2000; Di Mascio, 2010). However, relatively little academic research has focused on the role of service orientation in influencing employees and customer response. Moreover, the research is scant in addressing other possible consequences, such as the effect of service orientation on the operational level of

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