Service Encounter Essay

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Service Encounter:
A service encounter is defined as the period of time that a customer interacts with a service (Shostack, 1985). The definition of a service encounter is broad and includes a customer’s interaction with customer-contact employees, machines, automated systems, physical facilities, and any other service provider visible elements.
It involves all the activities required to perform a service.

1. Info
2. Parking
3. Booking
4. Entry
5. Waiting
6. Finding Seat
7. Movie Starts
8. Intermission
9. Buying Snacks
10. Wash rooms
11. Back to seats
12. End & Exit

Service Encounter Triad:

Encounter Dominated by the Service Organization
The revenue model of multiplexes is based on the concept
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Always thank the caller. Say 'Thank you for calling' before hanging up.
Service Failure:
Service failure is defined as the failure to deliver the promised service.
Service Failures bring about negative feelings and responses from customers. Left unfixed, service failures can result in customers leaving, telling other customers about their negative experiences,

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