Service Encounter Report Essay

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Service Marketing
Service Encounter Report

Assignment 2

Name: Sun Yi
Due day: 19/09/2012

Letter of transmittal

Dear CEO

As an employee of the hotel, I hope this report can help the hotel's long-term development, improve a lot shortcomings and defects of service, and improve staff quality, service attitude and service level, increase the competitiveness of the hotel.

In recent years, there are more and more competition for hotel, peripheral consumption level unceasing enhancement, I believe that the management also felt the pressure by competitors, as a large hotel, it is necessary to improve the competitiveness, first of all,we must considerate the service marketing. We are the
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These elements expanded the concept of service pack, formed to expand service supply. Of course, these 3 kinds of service supply elements must obey the customer benefit, is the customers pursuit target. Such as the requirements of the guests can’t get the waiter's reaction in a short time period; or guests feel the bathroom is too messy to use it, then the perceived quality is already very bad. From the SOR model we will know, physical evidence’s role as a filter on actual experience service. Good image strengthening practical experience feeling, bad image will destroy it. At the same time because service intangibility, communication activities not only effect their expectation, but also the customer's experience have direct impact. So physical evidence and communication management has become an integral part In addition reputation is also very important; it is a long-term effect, to for physical evidence. The influence of reputation may be immediate when the customers consumption, so that the advertising, promotion, public relations activities is very necessary. b) Service marketing. At the mention of marketing theory, it's easy to think of the

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