Service Diary Essay

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Subject: Management in Service Economy (BU7734) Tutor: Gautam Rajkhowa

Encounter No.:1 Date: 20/01/14 Time: 13.15 hours
Service Provider: ASDA Supermarket
Details: The supermarket staff assisted me in a way that shows important of service in this modern era in terms of customer satisfaction and technical aspects for an organisation.
Comments: I went to buy few grocery items at ASDA, took some cakes which labels any 3 for 1pound. These are baked in supermarket itself, kept in baskets for customers. There were almost 10 varieties to choose from, stocked in individual baskets. I choose 3 different
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Service Dairy Experience 2:

Encounter no.:2 Date: 03/02/2014 Time: 14.30 hrs.

Service provider: University of Chester Seaborne Library

Details: My experience with Chester University various departments regarding name correction on university portal space.

Comments: When I applied for MBA to the university got acceptance and fulfilled all requirements and got Conformation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). I examined that my surname is printed wrong on CAS. I contacted my agent regarding this issue they notified the university it reissued my CAS with correct name. But on coming here after accessing the portal space same surname error was displayed. I contacted the MBA administration office with this issue they guided me to contact university’s Register services. On explaining this error a staff member asked my student id and passport for correction and said it will be resolved within 24 hours.. Also a customer’s expectations towards a service are constantly changing with respect to factors like time, increase in the number of the encounters with a particular service etc. When I checked it later same error once again, I went back to the office they said on behalf of the register services they have corrected my name but final step should be taken by the university library. At library help

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