Server As Administrator Using Cna201 Administrator Essay

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1) In the first step, we logged on to the server as administrator using cna201administrator as the username, and cna201dc$ as the password. Then we opened the 'User Accounts ' on the control panel, selected 'Manage User Accounts ' and chose 'Advanced ' tab. After clicking the 'Advanced ' button, under 'Advanced User Management ', selected the 'Groups ' folder. Then again, after right-clicking the 'Administrators ' group in the right pane, selected 'Properties '. Final task was adding the domain group (rogmin) to this local Administrator 's group. After applying the domain group, we closed all the windows and logged off.

2) The second step was completed by using the given details of group number 8. We logged on to the server as ‘rogroot’ using cna201 ogers as the username and, 8redBeard as the password.

3) The third step included creating the account folder in the c drive, sharing the folder, and making changes to the permissions. c:accounts was created, and shared by right-clicking and going to properties. Then 'Advanced Sharing ' was selected on the sharing tab. In here, we had to allow the groups domain users and domain administrators full control, and remove other permissions. As it was already allowed, we removed the other permissions.

4) In the fourth step, we had to access the AD mmc on our server. It was done by going to Administrative Tools. ‘Administrative Tools’ was found in All Programs on the start. After selecting Administrative Tools, we opened…

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