Server 2012 Lab Questions Ch. 1 Essay

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Lab 1
Installing Servers
This lab contains the following exercises and activities:
Exercise 1.1
Exercise 1.2
Exercise 1.3
Lab Challenge
Performing a Clean Installation
Performing an Upgrade Installation
Installing Windows Server Migration Tools (WSMT)
Accessing a WSMT Distribution Point
The lab environment consists of computers connected to a local area network. The computers required for this lab are listed in Table 1-1.
Table 1-1
Computers Required for Lab 1
Operating System
Computer Name
New server
Bare metal
Server for upgrade
Windows Server 2008 R2
Server for migration
Windows Server 2008 R2

In addition to the computers, you also require the software
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9. In the Password and Reenter password text boxes, type Pa$$w0rd and click Finish. The Windows security page appears, showing the time.
10. Click Ctrl+Alt+Del and log on using the Administrator account with the password Pa$$w0rd. The Server Manager console appears.
11. Click Local Server in left pane, then click the Computer Name link. The System Properties sheet appears.
12. Click Change. The Computer Name/Domain Changes dialog box appears.
13. In the Computer name text box, type SVR-SO-A and click OK. A message box appears, telling you to restart the computer.
14. Click OK. Then click Close. Another message box appears.
15. Click Restart Now. The system restarts.
End of exercise. You can leave the windows open for the next exercise.
Exercise 1.2
Performing an Upgrade Installation

In this exercise, you install Windows Server 2012 on a computer running Windows Server 2008 R2.
Assuming that a server meets all the requirements and has compatible drivers and applications installed, it is possible to perform an in-place upgrade, which retains all the system’s software, data, and configuration settings. However, the more complex the server configuration, the more likely it will be for incompatibilities to arise, resulting in an end result that is unstable or otherwise problematic.
Completion time
20 minutes
1. Select the SVR-SO-B computer, which loads Windows Server 2008 R2 and displays the Server Manager console.
2. Using Server

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