Essay about Servant Leadership : The Face Of Common Core

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Servant Leadership Practice In the Face of Common Core
It is my educational philosophy that all children deserve to be educated to their fullest potential, based on the belief that individuals become actualized when they become contributing members of society. Educational leadership that promotes the attitude that all children matter, Should be a driving force in contemporary education decision-making. I see myself as a contributor in the broad conversation concerning educational leadership, and as an emerging leader I have taken the initiative of educating myself to be a more effective leader, especially for students with disabilities.
For far too long students with diverse needs have been marginalized by society. They are educated in a system that is not fully receptive to their individual needs and abilities, which has left a huge chasm between what is required in society to function independently and the low level of adaptive skills the majority of students with special needs are equipped with following graduation. For many leaders at the school site level, special education is but one of several marginalized groups of students who require added supports and additional funding. Anemic leaders often fail to seek out and find the value of diversity in all groups on campus, and special education students often get lost on a high school campus that does not meet their needs. The importance of strong direction for both teachers and students from school site…

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