Servant Leadership Qualities

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power and abilities have boundaries, the servant leader becomes a catalyst for organizational learning and development that will ultimately help the organization, as a whole, and the encourage workers to advance their own knowledge on an individual level.
Authenticity is a very important quality of the servant leader. It allows the servant leader to clearly demonstrate to employees that not only is the management free of games and false support and attitudes but that also the employees can be themselves at all times in the organization and that they are valued for who they truly are. Legitimacy also demonstrates that the leadership of the organization possesses honesty and morality towards their workers. Acceptance of Diversity
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Indeed, there is a plethora of styles in leadership that are employed in business and service oriented companies and in education as well. Perhaps the most difficult and the least employed leadership style is also the most effective. It is called Servant leadership. There are dissimilar techniques used in the performance of servant leadership by all types of organizations. In order to conduct leadership or management as a servant that has a positive impact and effective results, every part of an organizations work and promotion procedures should be based on all employees ' ability and success in leading by example with the purpose empowering others instead of dividing and conquering them (Lewin, Lippit & White, …show more content…
The teachers that work with me are unafraid to voice their concerns or to share their ideas and opinions because by implementing servant leadership in my management structure, I am careful not to come across to my staff as so powerful and I have been able to demonstrate care and concern for the welfare and the success of the ones I am charged to oversee. Though the much more typical style of leadership is aggressive top down in style, I have always espoused that the best way to become a truly powerful leader is to be a leader that is unafraid to give away power to others. I have understood that when I empower others around me, they realize that their role was enhanced by me, which allowed them to possess a specific responsibility and to make specific decisions in their area of educational expertise. Since, as their leader, I was willing to reduce my authority and to grant authority to others, the ones who I have empowered develop a healthy dedication and faithfulness toward me because they realize that I was the one who was willing to give away power to them so they can have a feeling of responsibility and increased confidence in their

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