Servant Leadership : Leading The Way Of A More Just And Caring World

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Servant Leadership: Leading the Way to a More Just and Caring World
Amberlie Silva
Denver School of Nursing

Servant Leadership: Leading the Way to a More Just and Caring World Throughout history, leadership has been portrayed as the sole responsibility of select individuals that were chosen through circumstance or job title to do and achieve great things (Rogers, 2009). This concept of leadership implies that decisions are made to the betterment of those in powerful positions and not to serve the needs of an entire organization. Servant leadership changes this concept and places the importance of good leadership qualities on every part of an entire organization, by motivating others to “become the best they are capable of becoming” (Hunter, 1998, p.70).
Characteristics of Servant Leaders Servant leaders lead in a different way from traditional managers, by putting others as a priority (Marquis &Huston, 2015). In order to do this, a servant leader must make a commitment to certain qualities that make the leader specifically a servant leader. According to this author, the most important of these characteristics are: character, listening and communication, and commitment to the growth of others.
Good moral character as a leader is the foundation of servant leadership. What you accomplish as leader means nothing if you achieve it in an unethical or immoral manner. Character is a simple concept that lies within the…

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