Essay about Servant Leadership, Ethics, And Entrepreneurism

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In this paper I discuss how servant leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurism relate to health care career opportunities. Next, I describe my vision for my career once I have completed my Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Health Systems Management degree. Then, I address the impact that completing this degree will have on meeting the greater social good in my industry and within the community. Lastly, I explain how the pillars relate to the Christian mission of Grand Canyon University. Healthcare management that utilizes servant leadership, ethics and entrepreneurism presents a unique opportunity to provide the medical community with tangible and intangible benefits. “Servant leadership has its origin from religion; servant leaders stood no different to their followers, rather leaders served them back with emotional healing and empowering the followers to newer heights. (Khan, Khan & Chaudhry,2015, p.111).” I strongly believe that if you take care of the healthcare professionals you ultimately take care of the patients.
Healthcare professionals’ perceptions are a good indicator of the ethical culture in an organization. “An organization with an ethical culture is described as one in which employees appreciate the importance of ethics; recognize and freely discuss ethical concerns; seek guidance about ethical concerns; work to address ethics issues on a systems level; view ethics as an important component of the organization; understand what ethical…

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