Servant Leadership : A Servant Leader Essay example

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Servant leadership is important when discussing leadership. When leading by serving the person serves first and leads after. A servant leader can be someone you may not even realize is a servant leader. Isabel Lopez states, “ My earliest introduction to a servant-leadership was my family” (100). “When I went to school, I met other servant-leaders:Teachers” (Lopezn101). You yourself make the choice if you want to be a servant leader or just a leader. While these servant leaders in Lopez’s life served her in different ways, they still showed her how to be a servant leader in her family and professional life. Leading by serving is a significant concept due to the fact that we need servant leaders in our communities, schools, homes, and everywhere else in the world. We need these servant leaders who are wiling to help others and serve before becoming the head leader. Servant leaders are more stand in the crowd, instead of lead the crown type of people. Sometimes these servant leaders are the most efficient at serving and becoming valuable leaders. In the reading Hermann Hesse writes a story about Leo who is a servant to the party and he does their chores, when Leo leaves the party falls apart. They party can not continue without Leo. In Robert Greenleaf’s, “ The Servant as Leader” was inspired by Hesse’s writing about Leo. Isabel Lopez’s “Becoming a Servant-Leader: The Personal Development Path”, is inspired by Robert Greenleaf. While each of these short stories talk about…

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