Servant Leadership : A Servant Leader Essay

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Servant Leadership To become a true servant leader one must be a servant first (Marquis and Huston, 2009). In order to be a servant leader, you must develop defining characteristics. Three important servant leadership qualities are listening, awareness, and persuasion. Awareness is a characteristic that stands out in clinical practice and provides self-awareness not only to the leader, but also to all staff. Often, the terms ‘manager’ and ‘leader’ can be confused, but it is critical to realize that a leader possess the ability to serve their subordinates rather than direct.
Leadership Characteristics
Being able to communicate well is expected of all leaders, but as a servant leader communication is based on the ability to listen. Listening is not only hearing what the person verbalizes but what is unsaid (Spears, 2010). A servant leader must be able to perceive what is being spoken as well as body language and group dynamic. Being an attentive listener allows a servant leader to embrace the needs of the group and will help simplify the goal (Spears, 2010). As a leader, listening and allowing time to reflect is essential to honing in on ones beliefs toward the situation and a fair educated response (Spears, 2010).
A defining characteristic of a servant leader is awareness, not only general awareness but self-awareness. Being aware of ethics, power, and values brings understanding to pertinent issues regarding these topics (Spears, 2010).…

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