Serual Killers: The Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

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Have you ever wondered why or how a person could kill or better yet eat another human being? If you have you’re not the only person, over the years people have been puzzled on how a person can slowly develop into such a monster. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are what happen that motivated them to become what they are today? What possessed them to do what they did? Lastly, do all of them share a common characteristic? Before we start talking about the history of one of the most well-known serial killer that was also cannibal and a cannibal that was almost a serial killer, we must first defined what a serial killer and a cannibal is. According to the book Serial murderers and their victims the FBI defines a serial killer as “the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offenders in separate events. According to Serial murderers and their victims it defines a cannibal as a “sexualized experience of devouring a victim in order that the victim will always be a part of the offender.”
Now that you know what a serial killer and a cannibal is let’s
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In an interview Armin Meiwes believes after his father left him, he felt like his world was shattered because in Meiwes word’s “he was my one and only.” What Meiwes meant was after his father left his life was forever changed for multiple reasons like the lack of a strong father figure that the mom could never fill. Another is the feeling of abandonment, loneliness, and the lack of a good male role model. Meiwes also thought his father leaving had a domino effect on his life because they didn’t have enough money for his younger brother to come back home from school in berlin so he had to keep on living with his older brother. Other than his dad, Meiwes explained “he had always been the one I was closest with” and “whenever I was depressed or sad he would be there to comfort me.” (Stampf,

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