Series: Is Our Worship Sincere?

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Series: Is our worship Sincere?
Sermon One: Are we just going through the motions?
Sermon Aim: The congregation will come to evaluate themselves in spending time with God.
Mal 1: v1-14

Life has it up and down, and sometime we don’t feel like doing what is expected of us. I have to confess. A few years ago, I was in such a position. As a local officer in the corps, I feel like I was going through the motion. Helping people, doing church work and attending worship service that did not energize me anymore. I was tired of going through the motion and feeling a lifeless in my spirit. However, God has a way of intervening; he sent a messenger who helped pull me out of my stagnant state. God did the same to the Jews.
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The scripture tells us upon the prophet Malachi 's arrival. He addresses the people of Israel about their skepticism of God’s love for them. The Israelites did not understand the theoretical sensitivity of God’s divine love. “Their response is more specific: “How in what way have you loved us? (NIB, 1996, p. 855). Yes, God’s love is special, personal and has a distinguishing love for his elect. He loves his chosen and us. Unfortunately, many people are skeptical about his love. They use things of the world to measure success. The Israelite assumed that God did not love them, they were incorrect. God loves everyone because he created them in His own image and wants them to worship him …show more content…
While I was waiting to see the doctor, I happen to find a pamphlet that tells the story of a young Christian man who lost both legs in a car accident. The story goes on to say he blames God for a long time for his mishap, and he would still go to church in his wheelchair because he refuses to wear prosthetic legs. He was just going through the motion of worship, until one Sunday morning, 10 years-old little girl got up in church and gave her testimony. She was hit by a drunk driver, and loss her right arm, she stated that God loves her so much that he gave her another year of birthday to spend with her mom and dad. This young girl was the God’s messenger. God always intervenes when you are not looking. Are we rejection God’s distinguishing love when it is looking us in the

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