Serial Monogamy And Social Exchange Theory

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The concept of serial monogamy was something I was familiar with, but a term I did not understand until completing the course. My father has been married a total of six times, and my mother has been married twice, but with five serious relationships that followed. We hear divorce rates are on the rise, and there is a commitment problem in America, and maybe so, but I believe it has to do with not being content with what you have. In class I learned serial monogamy has a lot to do with looking for an upgrade, or the next best thing. I also believe serial monogamy stems from being not being aware of The Big Transition from romantic love to intimacy.
Having experienced the reality of my parents having multiple relationships I believe the affects can be detrimental to children. As I explained earlier, I was ready to leave a good relationship because I thought I had fallen out of love. Not having an example to look to from by either of my parents, multiple relationships was becoming normative for me. I also believe when a parent raising a child has multiple relationships in succession of
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My relationship with my mother was tumultuous one. She had a severe cocaine addiction growing up, and my father was not involved in my life. Her behavior led my aunt and uncle to seek full custody of me. When I was a child I knew something was wrong with my mom, but I did not understand the severity of it. For so long I would do anything possible to get her attention so she would be proud of me. I made good grades, I was involved in extra curricular activities, I was involved in church, etc. but according the principle of least interest it did not matter what I did, because she had the power. I am not saying my mom did not care about our relationship, but drugs have a way of altering your sense of

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