Serial Killer Motivation

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There are steadily increasing crime rates and violence spreading throughout the country. Serial killers have been the center of it all by taking other innocent lives in their own hands. Psychologically there’s always a motivation behind every action. Rejection, physical and sexual abuse motivates a serial killer to kill. The fact of slaughtering a human being is an addiction to them, it’s like their drug that they can’t leave or stop using. As I further my research and findings of serial killers and their motivation I will enhance my knowledge on famous serial killers background and their history where it all started.
Moving on, serial killers don’t expect rejection, they really hate the idea of it. But, it makes them feel angry that particular
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“The Red Ripper” (October 16, 1936-February 14, 1994) lived between poverty and violence in the village of Yabluchnoye. At the age of 34 as a high school teacher he was accused of molesting a student even though as a young child he was found of a sexual disorder, is difficult for an individual to have normal sexual activity with their partner, including physical pleasure, desire, arousal or orgasm which is known for sexual impotence. He moved to Shakhty, where he killed his first victim, a 9-year-old captured at the bus stop. Chikatilo could be characterized as an organized serial killer who was driven by feelings of inadequacy mostly driven by his impotence. One of his other victim named Lyubov Biruk, 13 year-old was going to the store for her parents and never returned home. Her body was later discovered two weeks later in a wooded area near the Zaplayskaya-Donkoi …show more content…
Her father was convicted of child molestation of his own daughter which is her and he killed himself in prison. Her mother abandoned her and her brother leaving her with her grandparents whereas Wuronos received physical abuse by her alcoholic grandfather. At the age of 11 she was trading sexual favors for money, beer and cigarettes. She got pregnant by one of the men she did sexual favors which she had to give it up for adoption. She was kicked out of the house and her brother died from cancer. She had to live on her own which she turned to prostitution. She was arrested during the mid-1970s for charges related to assault and disorderly conduct and eventually settles in Florida where she met a wealthy yachtsman Lewis Fall, shortly after their marriage in 1976 she was arrested again after an altercation. In 1989, police officers discovered by evidence of her murders of 7 middle-aged men which were all shot and found alongside the Florida highways. They found fingerprints and arrested her while in custody she confessed to her crimes. She stated she killed them out of self-defense whereas these men raped and sexually assaulted her. But she was arrested and spent some time on death row. She fired her lawyers who were working on her case for a stay of execution. But, the attorneys were concerned of the comments she said that

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