Serial Killers : Born Or Bred Essay

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Serial Killers: Born or Bred to Kill?
Criminals like Charles Manson can attribute their sadistic nature from a childhood of neglect and abuse, whereas serial killers like David Berkowitz – who grew up in a healthy, supportive family – have no justifiable reason for their actions, other than their own desire to kill. Unfortunately, both types of men infamously manifested their destinies into become the human incarnation of the Grim Reaper himself. There have been numerous studies conducted in efforts to determine the correlation between mental deficiencies and its effects on the probability of a person become a serial killer. Although there have been many cases where the correlation between the two is significantly evident, there still lies the infinitely debatable question – What makes a person a serial killer? In the ever continuous Nature vs. Nurture debate, any correlation between a person’s tendency to kill or act out in violence and its relevance to their genetics or their surroundings is held under deep speculation. The fact of the matter is that a person’s desire to kill does not stem wholly from their biology or their surroundings, but it can be either or. Some people are just destined to become serial killers. In Dr. Berit Brogaard’s Psychology Today blog, she specifies clearly that “The Minnesota twin study has shown that psychopathy is 60 percent heritable” (Brogaard 2012). In this study, twins were held under observation to determine whether or not they still…

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