Essay on Serial Killers And The Serial Killer

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A serial killer is defined as being a person who does a series of three or more killings, not at the same time but separately. There are myths that accompany with being a serial killer, they include that they are all male, they are lust killers, serial killers are psychopaths and many others. When it comes to some homicide facts there was an estimated 14,827 persons murdered nationwide in 2012. There are two famous serial killers who differ when it comes to their gender, their types of killing and their motives. The first serial killer is Kristen Gilbert, she is a former nurse who was convicted of three first-degree murders; the second serial killer is Jeffrey Dahmer, he is an American serial killer and sex offender of seventeen men and boys. Even with all the myths serial killers will only be the same by definition, but differ with organization of killings, the way they think, their fantasies and many others. Kristen Gilbert is a female nurse who lived in Massachusetts, she worked at the Veteran Affairs Medical Center. As she entered her teen years her friends and family noticed that she had become a liar and was prone to neurotic behavior. Regardless of her personality she was a smart person, she graduated from high school at the age of sixteen, she graduated in 1988 from Greenfield Community College and a year later joined the hospital. She was distinguished right away and was featured in the magazine of VA Practitioner in April of 1990. Kristen got married to Glenn…

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