Essay about Serial Killers And The Criminal Justice System

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Traditionally the actions and behavior of individuals that fall under the category of serial killer has been derived from factors such as an immoral upbringing or even past physical, sexual or mental abuse from their early childhood experiences. Serial murder is a term that describes an individual that has committed over four murders in a relatively short time frame. Serial murder has plagued the criminal justice system with a number of the worst offenders in human history. These offenders have exposed the disgusting capabilities of evil actions and dehumanizing violence. The act of deliberately causing the death of a human being as outlined in the Criminal Code of Canada is murder . In Canada, murder can be classified as either first degree murder of second degree murder. For a successful charge of first degree murder, the crown must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused acted with planning and deliberation . It is essential for psychologists, sociologists, and even police officers to study serial killers in order for them to attempt to locate common tendencies in individuals and to potentially predict future behavior or similar character traits. Understanding an individual’s motivation and choice of committing the actions can play a significant factor with the apprehension and sentencing of that particular criminal offender. The media tends to do give an inaccurate representation of what a serial killer truly is. They tend to give a sensationalized…

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