Serial Killer : Born Or Made Essays

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Serial Killer Profiling: Born or Made
Serial Killers are often classified with mental disabilities. Although their actions are commonly associated with mental disorders, serial killers have their own classification. Their appalling path of logic impels their murderous habits. Therefore, their brutal actions are not considered a diagnosis. It has been proven that serial killers are copiously cognizant of their actions. Not all mentally unstable people are capable of committing such crimes. There are three main categories of serial killers. First there are the organized serial killers. Then, there are the disorganized serial killers. Lastly, there are the medical killers by whom are often referred to as the Angels of Mercy. The Bureau of Justice Statistics defines serial killers as: "[involving] the killing of several victims in three or more separate events." This definition is especially close to that of the spree killers and mass murders . Perhaps, the primary difference between the three is that the serial killers "lure" victims to their death, whereas the spree killers tend to strategize and "hunt" for their victims (Michigan state University, 2006). Serial killers usually commit three or more murders within a thirty day period. The motive for these murders are usually psychological. Serial killers typically wait until the social panic have ceased before committing another murder.
Serial killers are often diagnosed with mental disorders of Sociopath,…

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