Essay about Serial Killer Bombings By Nicole Hensley

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Suspected Ohio Serial Killer linked to Five Deaths, by Nicole Hensley discusses the bizarre but yet intrigueing murderers committed over the past decade by Shawn Grate. “Grate, who is in custody on suspicion of killing two women and abducting another, claims he stashed the Jane Doe in a basement for two days as early as 2003, before dumping the remains in a forest along a rural road.”( Hensley, 2016, September 20) The previous charges and murders before the most recent confessions occurred formerly in the article HEAR IT: Woman held captive calls 911 while Ohio killer sleeps, by David Boroff Grate was convicted for abduction of a woman. Boroff explained that when dispatchers arrived at the scene that within the residence two female bodies were discovered. “One of the Bodies was that of 43-year-old Stacey Stanley. . . Authorities found decomposed remains down a ravine in a wooded area behind a house.” (Boroff, 2016, September 15) Hensley clarified that the second slain woman in the abandoned Ashland home was Elizabeth Griffith. Grate was being held with an abduction charge when Grate “Confessed he had killed a woman in June at a house that was destroyed by a fire that month.” (Boroff, 2016, September 15) Hensley included that Grate was cooperative and led the investigation to where he killed the woman in June. “Candice Cunningham was found buried behind a burnt-out home in Richland County. . .” (Hensley, 2016, September 20)
Hensley stated that Grate “Spared no details” when…

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