Essay on Sergeant and Deadlines

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My name is PFC Hutchinson, Joel D and this is my essay about meeting deadlines. Deadlines are there for a reason. Without a deadline to meet you could simply drag out whatever it is you’re working on for as long as possible, which is hardly a productive way of working. It is therefore important to meet any deadlines that have been set, because there is an expectation on the part of the Non-commissioned officer that you will come up with the goods within a set time-frame. If you fail to meet a deadline, you are left looking extremely unprofessional, and if you develop a reputation for missing deadlines, this could hamper your career progress.
Clearly, then, it is important to meet deadlines for your sake as well as your Non-commissioned
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Working under pressure is something that is going to happen quite often in the working world. Sometimes a leader will give someone a deadline just to see what their commitment level to the unit is. Those who are really committed to the unit will get that assignment done by the deadline without complaint. Others will simply try to blame the non-commissioned officer for the short time frame or drag their feet until someone else picks up the slack.
An ability to meet deadlines shows a professional presence for yourself and the unit you are assigned to. When the leader knows that the project will be done on time, or the platoon or first sergeant knows that the project will be on his desk when he needs it, it will show that you are not messing around and take the tasking seriously. This will lead to increased respect for you as a soldier and will increase the chances of getting further professional opportunities in the future.
The military is filled with many pressures, and meeting deadlines on a consistent basis is one of those pressures. There are many reasons given for a tasking not being done on time, but very few excuses are accepted, so it is either do the job when it is due, or just give the job to someone who wants it more.
Deadlines are defined as the time limit in which something must be done. Meeting a deadline is very

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