Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center ( Satc ) Essay

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Sequoyah Adolescent Treatment Center (SATC) is a residential treatment center for juveniles that range between the ages of 13 and 17. Our students come from all parts of the state and the coordination between SATC and their home communities is always a moving part. SATC has lodges where the students reside, dining hall, gym, and school that is an accredited high school and is in session year round. Our facility is a secure setting and is for male students who are violent and aggressive or who are not very successful in their community. Most if not all of our students have charges or have been in the juvenile system and have trouble with following rules at home or in their community. Part of being a part of SATC is that they and their family have to take an active part in individual and family therapy to successfully move through our program. Part of being on track for discharge, the resident are required to attend school and be successful in the educational setting.
Prior to arrival we submit a request for educational records so that we can review the potential resident’s educational history. Once his file is reviewed we try create an educational plan that fits the goals (diploma or GED track) the student has. We do provide special education services and related services that the student may need to be successful. Within the school, the students are held to the same standards that they would be held to in a traditional school. Dress code, participation, attendance all go…

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