Essay about Septic Shock Affecting Mental Capacity

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Septic Shock Affecting Mental Capacity
The assignment is to support an insight into a safeguarding issue where the patient is self-neglecting due to the lack of circumstantial mental capacity to take a decision. I have chosen the Gibbs’ reflective cycle (Oxford Brookes University, 2016) to comprehend and reflect the scenario. The Gibbs’ reflective cycle will enable to follow step by step; focusing on the description of the issue, how I felt about it, initial evaluation and the analysis of the situation and action planning. (Jones, 2014). In respect to “people’s right to privacy and confidentiality” (Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC), 2015), names and places have been changed. I am an adult nurse focusing on a safeguarding issue of an older adult, with mental health issue. “Safeguarding means protecting people’s health, well-being and human rights, enabling them to live from harm, abuse and neglect” (Care Quality Commission (CQC), 2016). Safeguarding of an adult means people and organisations adjoining parallely to rule out the risks and experience of abuse and neglect (CQC, 2015).

Mary Jones is 70-year-old women admitted to the high dependency renal ward from haemodialysis (HD) unit, with severe sepsis, low saturation rate on haemodialysis and increased C-reactive protein. Mary is an established HD patient, who undergoes dialysis 4 times a week. Mary is at the end stage of renal failure due to lupus nephritis. Mary had done peritoneal dialysis in 1992 and had done a renal…

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