September 11th 2001 World Trade Center Attack Case Study

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During the course of instruction multiple methods can be used to monitor progress of students. Periodic reviews, observation during guided practice, probing questions, homework and quizing/testing.

It has been noted that effective teachers not only frequently use reviews and follow-up questions on a regular basis but also have a cycle of daily, weekly and monthly reviews related to the material.(Borich, 2010) This ensures that the students are learning the material and identifies needs for reteaching the material or identifying students needing additional help from the teacher or additional practice dependent upon the individual situation.

Another effective monitoring strategy is for the teacher to wander the classroom during individual or group work during class, checking in with students and informally checking answers to the assignments as they are being completed and being able to provide corrective feedback as assignments are being completed. (Schumm, & Vaughn,
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This indirect instructional approach will encourage those students having difficulties to process the information in a different and more student centered manner.

Advanced students could be involved in a discussion regarding the events surrounding the attack and how they affected the US’s change from isolationism to involvement in World War II and why they had that effect on US history. Personal connections and reactions to the September 11th 2001 attacks could also be compared and contrasted in the discussion.

Although each of these manners can be effective in adjusting instruction for students who excel or those needing additional assistance, it is important to remember that each student has individual needs and that some changes in these adjustments may be needed on a case by case basis.


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