September 11 : The Eyes Of The Public Essay

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9/11: The Eyes of the Public September 11, 2001, one of the most traumatic days in United States history. The day we lost many lives and grieved as a whole. A day that would forever change the lives of citizens’ in the United States forever. Just imagine one day waking up and hearing that a local business around your area had been struck by planes and killed thousands of people in the process, and being in the area, witnessing it as it happens. Even though my parents were not in the military it was still a frightening time living so close to the air force base when all of this was occurring. Wright Patterson Airforce Base went on high alert that day. There were many rumors that this air force base was a target. There were also rumors that a plane had crashed on the lawn of the VA Medical Center. There was a loud boom that was heard and felt around the Dayton area and people thought that maybe the air force base was being attacked. However, later it was found to be a sonic boom from fighter planes taking off. September 11 was one of the most devastating days in history. One has to wonder how our country was not able to see this coming. I uncovered some interesting facts concerning the September 11 attacks and some of these facts are really heart wrenching. Only 20 people were pulled from the debris of the twin towers. It took 99 days to completely put out all of the fires from the explosions, and “144 wedding rings were found in the debris of the collapsed…

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