Essay on Sepsis : A Serious Condition

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What is sepsis? According to the Nationals institute of General Medical Science, “Sepsis is a serious condition caused by an overwhelming immune response to infection.” Anyone can get sepsis, however, people with immature or weak immune systems are at greatest risk. Sepsis, if not treated early and aggressively can lead to tissue damage, organ failure, and possibly even death. In years past, due to lack of knowledge about medical hygiene patients ended up with serious infections resulting in sepsis (Sepsis History). Due to these infections and learning about their pathophysiology it has lead us to discover the need for improved medical hygiene and taught us aseptic techniques. Sepsis can be caused by several different micro organisms.These organisms can include bacterias, fungi, and viruses that are introduced into the body by a portal of entry. A portal of entry can be as simple as a small cut, a large surgical wound, or any other infectious disease process. Of Course, sepsis will not occur in all people who contact these micro organisms. It mainly occurs in those who are immunosuppressed, have damaged epithelial, endothelial, or those with weakened anti microbial defenses. Originally sepsis was thought to be related to gram-negative bacteria in response to endotoxins that were released, however new studies show that gram-positive organisms are now the leading cause of sepsis. It is unclear if this recent change is due to the successful treatment of…

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