Separation Of Powers Essay

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We do not bow down to tyranny. The framers wanted to forge a powerful national government by creating federalism and incorporating separation of powers preventing any one branch of government from taking total control of the nation. Using limited powers and a system of checks and balances, the framers designed a way of keeping each branch of the government in control and preventing any one branch from gaining too much power subjecting the citizens to tyranny. The Separation of Powers is the principle that the power must be used to balance power. It is the separation of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of government. Checks and balances is when each branch of government is given its own powers, but also given some …show more content…
California is allowing male and females to use a bathroom of the gender that their personalities identify with. Thereby allowing someone who’s birth certificate indicates they are of male gender to use a female restroom if their personality identified with being female. The same is reverse that if they are indicated as biologically female and their personality identifies with being male they can use a male restroom. Several states have make it illegal to use a public bathroom that is other than the gender indicated on their birth certificate. This new law that you can use the bathroom that you identify with is becoming highly debated by States and Government. President Obama declared that if you do not comply with the Transgender Law in public schools you are infringing on civil rights and boarding on discrimination and will withhold federal funds to make the states comply. This is an example of the Central Government working to override what the individual states want. The Judicial Branch and the supreme court will have to eventually decide but this may be a brewing example of tithe Central government trying to forces its power over the states. The central government is looking out for all the citizens using the power of the bill of rights that all citizens are created equal. It is upholding the rights of the few and could be seen as a blatant disregard to the

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