Separate But Equal Movie Analysis

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Separate but Equal: Racial Issue “Separate but Equal” is the TV film about the rights of elementary students against segregation on the basis of color. The movie tries to cover the principle of social theme: 2racism and civil rights. All the characters of the movie give justice to their role, but the most important is Thurgood Marshall, who has lead with a very passionate and strong character. Equal rights being separate is very unrealistic and insignificant. The law of equal rights for the citizens is mandatory, but at the same time dividing the people by the color of skin is injustice. That weakness in the law obviously brings inequality among the people who are also citizens of the same country. The movie has tried to present the difficulties which the brown people and their children were facing in the same society where white people are consuming all the facilities. The movie is a methodical and detailed presentation of flaws in federal law which is corrected by …show more content…
The defects in the law should be corrected because no one is born for humiliation by color and race. Each and every one has birth rights to be treated equal and consume equal facilities in the society. However, the end of the movie says that the boy never got a chance to ride on bus. Even after the decision of Supreme Court, the board of education failed to provide the bus service to the segregated elementary school. Desegregation only become a theory, but in reality colored people always separated from consuming the equal facilities. It seems that the rules of the society created by white people are superior to the Nation’s Law. Regardless of the flaws in implementation of the law, children of colored people are protected by the law against segregation. Therefore, in one day the people could obviously follow the law and make the environment of the society common for all people despite the color of

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