Sensory Marketing Is Improving The Customer 's Experience Essay

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Sensory Marketing
Sensory Marketing, described as the marketing that engages the buyer’s or consumer’s senses and affects their judgement and behavior, or otherwise measuring and explaining consumer emotions. For the past two decades, sensory marketing promotions have been used in smells, taste, touch, sight and sound. In the research perspective of sensory marketing, it is the understanding that these senses of apply to consumer behavior (2008.08.003).
Some advantages for companies using Sensory Marketing is improving the customer’s experience. By using all of the senses in perceiving and experiencing a product, our senses interact together in our brain to influence our perceptions of everything from our food to the environment. Companies integrate all of the senses into the marketing program to strengthen brands and increase sales; strategic use of sensory information provides a critical advantage in lasting consumer connections. The urge to pick up, touch, and test things is huge, because our senses influence our emotions and decision-making and retailers count on that in their display strategies. (2009, 4Imprint)
Some disadvantages of sensory marketing is that some smells, or taste can have a negative impact on anyone who has had a traumatic experience linked to a sight or taste or smell. In addition, culture can play a role, what works in one place may not work in another. The sensory method can be expensive for companies much more than non-sensory methods. To…

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