Sensitivity Analysis: Business And Aroun Sensitivity Analysis In Business

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MS Word allows users to utilize their templates for many processes that a business might use them for. If you need a calendar or a budget report, for instance, word has templates that can be used in order to create these reports. When you customize a template you can save it as a new feature and you can allow other people in your business to use this template you customized. If you want to send out a newsletter or other material, you can use MS Word’s mailing feature. Mailing list in excel can also be utilized to send personalized information to co-workers. Also in MS Word, you are able to create tables and charts that could help you manage many processes in your company. With word art, you are able to design professional newsletters with headers, borders, tables, and pictures that you are able to move …show more content…
A business can make better and more informed decisions by estimating the results, businesses can also better predict the outcome of their decisions. Faster decisions can be made by using sensitivity analysis as well. By going through many scenarios of various decisions, a business plan can represent your strengths when using a sensitivity analysis. Answers to questions by future investors or potential opportunities can be answered when using sensitivity analysis. Excel also as applications and tools that a business can use for what-if scenarios that could prove useful in decision making problems. Sensitivity analysis applications can be used for international or national businesses. By using sensitivity analysis a business can estimate how much a business has to invest and the amount of revenue a project will produce. Sensitivity analysis can help a business be more reliable in decisions and have less risk then not using this process. When using this application managers can be more prepared if a project produces unexpected

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