Sensible Life Products Essay

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When Sensible Life Solutions founder and CEO, Sam DeAth, had his first child in 1997 he realized he had to make some changes in how he was living. His son Conor was born with only 10% of his immune system functioning and Sam worried about the toxicity of the cleaning products he was using to make his home safe for his child. He asked his mom, an aromacologist, for help in formulating a natural non-toxic disinfectant. The product she came up with in, a blend of thyme oils and other botanicals, proved incredibly effective in laboratory tests: performing as well as commercially marketed disinfectants with negligible toxicity levels. DeAth knew the solution, named Benefect, had huge market potential.
He created a small team of five people
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Because DeAth never wanted to manage a large company he began looking to sell SLS to a company that would meet strict criteria. He wanted to sell both maximizing the profitability of SLS and the impact that it would have to someone who a) had experience with regulated markets b) would continue to market Benefect as a premium product c) have strong marketing capabilities and d) would not do away with the product for fear of cannibalization.
There were four possible options DeAth considered in selling: Clean All, Wipeys, Dimension Marketing, and Backstage Cleaning Solutions. In addition there was the option of keeping the company though he had no desire to run a company and wanted to maintain a balance between work and home life.
The case ends with this decision although after some further research it appears that DeAth kept the company and continues to market Benefect himself.
Some questions that occurred to me during this reading were:
1) Did DeAth consider other possible botanical blends to expand his product line?
2) How does the process of getting EPA and Canada Health certifications work?
3) Is it a good marketing strategy to mention “meth lab cleanup” on the website?
4) What would the best strategy be for forming a team if you want the company to be family based?
5) Should DeAth sell the company?
The question I chose to answer is #5. Though I

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