Sense Perception Limitations

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What are the Limits in Perception, and does it Greatly Affect Us?
Sense perception is way of knowing information of the outside world be using sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch (though it’s debatable if there are more sense). Sense perception can be argued as one of the most important ways of knowing out there, as it’s greatly used in the other ways of knowing. Without it, you can’t reason because you need to be able to see what you’re reasoning, and you can’t know language because then you aren’t able to see words on a paper or hears the words in the air. Even though sense perception is important, there are limits to sense perception, but do these limits greatly affect us? I’ll be using biology as my science and visual arts as my humanity
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What we perceive isn’t always what we think we perceived. In the film “12 Angry Men”, one of the witness thought he heard the boy say, “I’m going to kill you!” even though a train was on the tracks at the time. As well as that, another witness thought she had seen the boy murder his father even though she wasn’t wearing her glasses at the time so she assumed it was the boy. This shows that sense perception can’t always be reliable since the witness could have perceived entirely different things then what they actually heard or saw and this could have greatly affected the boy because if he was judged to be guilty, he would be on a death sentence. In biology, a way to fix the unreliability of something, is by using scientific methods to test something and to experiment over and over to remove skepticism about …show more content…
Paradigms can affect our sense perception because it cause people to be in a system. Advances in science can be halted if scientist are in a paradigm. That is why science strives to prove theories wrong so that it can turns into a paradigm shift, which is also called falsification. An example of a paradigm shift in biology is Darwin’s theory of evolution. We learnt about evolution in class and was taught that Darwin saw similar species and thought they were related. Since the species were on different islands and their diets were different to suit their need, Darwin came up with a theory that they originated from one species that only diverged because of changing environment. Before the theory, it was thought that only god created all living things and that they were not changing. When Darwin showed the world his theory, it changed the world’s outlook on how life was created and how they perceived it. That being said, paradigms could be a limit to perception and can affect us, but there was a paradigm shift, it would not only remove the previous limit, but also affect us in a good way because the more knowledge can come from the

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