Essay on Senior Year Of High School

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“Don’t worry, your senior year is the easiest of the four” my brother insisted. “You can skip as many classes as you want, it’s like the teachers don’t even care”, Jordan said. “It’s like your grades from senior year don’t even count”, my older cousin reminded me. Going into senior year, I had so many expectations of the perfect last year of high school, based on what I was told from previous seniors. Turns out, half of what I was told was not true. Based on my previous experiences, I can say that while senior year may be a time for making memories and having fun, it is also a time to stay focused, and prepare for future plans.
Believe it or not, your senior year of high school is not just candy canes and gum drops, it is a time to focus on your goals in life. Senioritis, a term that can be defined as “A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors”, seems to be consuming high school seniors around the globe. Symptoms of this disease may include laziness, a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude (Joe C.). Unfortunately, the only way to avoid senioritis is to stay focused. Staying focused your senior year, can be difficult however when consumed in all of the distraction. Your main goal when you arrive as a freshman is to graduate your senior year with a high school diploma in hand. In order to achieve this goal, try not to fall behind on assignments, study, and take it seriously. At my old high school, the policy is that if a senior…

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