Senior English Learning Research Paper

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A personal philosophy of teaching and learning in the learning areas of English.

The following essay will look at how English plays an integral and fundamental role in the education of the New Zealand students. English is threaded throughout all areas of the New Zealand Curriculum, therefore as educator is is critical that we get it right.

The content of senior English Teaching
According to the Senior English Curriculum Guide (2012) English is about connecting with others and their ideas, exploring our identity and building relationships. The Guide states "as our ideas meet and merge with new ideas, magic happens." (Senior English Curriculum Guide, 2012). This occurs through students connecting with units that cover novels, film,
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As noted by Dong (2005) the inclusion of culture is just more than expansion of their reading list. Allowing a student to embrace their own and that of others cultural background within a classroom, builds on their skills which will increase their ability to be an effective member of society once they leave school. This resonates through the principle of "inclusion" within the New Zealand Curriculum (2007). Allowing students to engage and make connections with their own and others culture allows them to build on the achievement objectives outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum …show more content…
I also see this with my own children. My youngest comes home, buzzing about the inquiry they have been engaged in all day. Explain to the family what they have learnt and how they recorded their information on their blog and updated the websites. He is eager to engage and cannot wait to continue. There is no line drawn from when he moves from maths to English as in secondary school. My daughter on the other hand, comes home and heads straight to her room, pulls out her paper and pens and begins to write, review and try and understand the text set for her by her teacher. I often sit and talk to her about the text she is reading, and have found it is one I read at school over thirty years ago. Does this seem like

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